Product Description

    Product Name : SH01

    (W)13 x (D)39 x (H)36 (cm)

    Hot and Ambient water

    LCD display with touch panel

    Replaceable filters

    High efficiency UV disinfection

    UV lamp lifetime reminder

    Water consumption detector

    Product Introduction











     High efficiency replaceable ultraviolet lamp which is installed before the faucet eliminates

     99.9% of germs. The UV light is instant switched on when the button is being pressed

     and water is dispensing; therefore the UV sterilization system of SH01 does not increase 

     the temperature of ambient water.  

     The life time of UV lamp is up to 8000 - 10000 times (About one year).




      LCD display with touch panel, which shows the condition of mechine, including hot water

      temperature, water consumption,and energy saving status; setting button on the panel

      makes adjustments to hot water, the temperature of hot water is able to be set to 100 ºC.

      UV lamp life time is shown on the display to remind user replacing the UV lamp.




      30 degree rotational replaceable (twist-in/twist-off) filters and UF (Utral Filtration)

      membrane; replacement procedure is just simply and fast.


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