Product Description

    Product No : CWC-400-698


    Top: 72(W) x 38(D) cm
    Cabinet: 40(W) x 38(D) x 110(H) cm

    Build-in cup holders
    Compatible with freestanding water coolers
    CO2 cylinder may be placed inside the cabinet for soda/carbonated/sparkling water models
    4-stage Reverse Osmosis system (or filtration system) is included. (Activated carbon filter, PP sediment filter, 50GPD/75GPD Filmtec Reverse Osmosis membrane, Post carbon filter)


    Storage Cabinet (Breakstation) for Water Dispenser

    Product Introduction


    Two hidden cup dispenser on top of the cabinet, each may place 50 pieces of 150c.c. cup.
    Cabinet comes with a lock
    Heat-resistant surface may be used to place coffee machine on top
    Perfectly designed as storage room for coffee powder, sugar, and napkins.
    CO2 cylinder may be placed in the cabinet for sparkling water dispensers
    In use with CW-698 and CW-798 is recommended.

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