Product Description

    Product No : Waterfiltration


      4 Stage Water Filtration System  
      Size: 31 x 9.5 x 34.5 (cm)  
      Service Life: 2500 GAL
      Maximum flow: 0.75 GPM
      Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI
      Maximum Temperature: 100°F/38°C  

    Product Introduction



    The 4 stages of  water filtration system are:


    1st PP, sediment:

    To eliminate the rust and silt that affect the taste and appearance of your water.

    2nd Activated Carbon: 

    It reduces chloramines, chlorine and other materials that cause bad taste and odors.

    3rd Scale control carbon block: 

    Scale control filter reduce scale accumulation, chlorine taste and odour reduction. Increasing equipment lif cycle. 

    4th UF membrane: 

    Hollow Fiber Technology uses ultra filtration, a membrane filtration process which uses standard home water pressure to push water through its semi permeable membrane, leaving you with only fresh clean water and dissolved minerals to pass through.

      * The sort and sequence of filters may be changed as customer's demand.  


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