Product Description

    Product No : T101
    proimages/ICON/cold_water.png proimages/ICON/hot_water.png proimages/ICON/safety_lock.png proimages/ICON/Leak_Detector.png
    proimages/ICON/UV_sterilization.png proimages/ICON/Filtration_system.png proimages/ICON/LCD_display.png  proimages/ICON/Drain_container.png


      Size: 30(W) x 35(D) x 33(H) cm
      Cold water output 4-10 degree (approx 8 L)
      Hot water output: 92-100 degree (approx. 20L) 


    Product Introduction


      proimages/T101/T101_LCD.png   proimages/T101/T101_cup.png  

    Multi-funtional display interface, displaying status of use and replacement reminder, includes:
     -UV lamp replacement reminder
     -Filter replacement reminder
     -Water consumption
     -Water temperature setting
     -Energy saving system setting




    LED light at dispensing place for users better operation in the dark.



      proimages/T101/T101_UV.png    proimages/T101/T101_filter.png  

    High efficiency UV sterilization system with replaceable UV lamp. The light of UV lamp in cold tank eliminates 99% germs and bacterai




    Removeable twin-filter head includes two filters which are nano-silver and carbon block cartridges.



      proimages/T101/T101_faucet.png    proimages/T101/T101_green_white.png  

    New innovative movable faucet fills containers of all sizes.









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