Product Description

    Product No : PR-CH

    33 (W) x 35 (D) x 42 (H) cm     

    PR-C: cold water only

    PR-CH: cold and hot water

    PR-CH-Soda: cold, hot and soda water



    Product Introduction


    PR-CH : Mini cold/hot water dispenser with Reverse Osmosis system

    3-stage Reverse Osmosis system (or filtration system) is included. 

    (Activated carbon filter, PP sediment filter, and 50GPD/75GPD Filmtec Reverse Osmosis membrane)

    PR-T : Above sink RO water purifier include 5-stage Reverse Osmosis/filtration system

    PR-O : Under sink water purifier include 5-stage RO/filtration system 

    * 5-stage Reverse Osmosis/filtration system includes PP sediment filter, activated carbon filter, PP sediment filter, 50GPD/75GPD Filmtec Reverse Osmosis membrane, and post carbon filter

    3-stage RO system (only for models without soda)

    Optional UV sterilization 

    Slide-in side plate makes it more convenient for filter replacement.

    Water leakage detection

    Water tank volume: 4 liter (cold), 1 liter (hot)

    Chilling capacity: 20 liter per hour

    Heating capacity: 12 liter per hour

    Sparkling capacity: 20 liter per hour

    Cute appearance and perfect size for counter top use.

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