Product Description

    Product Name : M102H2
    Product No : M102H2

    Cold/Hot/Ambient, Cold/Hot/Sparkling(Soda)
    23W X39D X39H (cm)
    Twin filter,Chilling capacity up to 20L per hour at 2-10 degree C,100W
    Heating capacity up to 12L per hour,500W
    Cold tank : 4 liter
    Hot tank : 1 liter

    Product Introduction




    Counter top as purifier or Chiller, Compact size 
    Opening space to apply with bottle or a large container
    LED lighting on the dispensing place
    LED light flash and beep as warming once the machine works abnormally
    Safety lock for hot water
    Easy for operation,simple for maintenance
    Compressor system, R134a as refrigerant
    Leak Detector
    Twin filter (optional)
    Direct chill system (optional)