Product Description

    Product No : CW-698

    Adjustable cold/hot water temperature function.
    UV circulation system CW-628 : Table top cold/hot direct chill water cooler
    CW-698 : Freestanding cold/hot direct chill water cooler
    4-stage Reverse Osmosis system (or filtration system) is included.
    (Activated carbon filter, PP sediment filter, 50GPD/75GPD Filmtec Reverse Osmosis membrane, and Post carbon filter)
    CW-698BR : Floorstanding cold/hot bottled (gallon) water cooler

    Product Introduction

    Cold and Hot / Cold and Room Temp
    Direct chill system is also available
    Safety lock for hot water tap
    4-stage RO system inside (with ET filter, including booster bump)
    Water tank volume: 3.5 liter (cold), 2 liter (hot)
    Large inner space for additional storage tank (8 liter) to increase the reservoir volume up to 13.5 liter
    Chilling capacity: 20 liters per hour
    Heating capacity: 12 liters per hour
    Sparkling capacity: 20 liters per hour
    UV light sterilization, marking sure each cup of RO water is pure and clean Water leakage detection
    *Recommended to use with CWC-400 for extra storage room.

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